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Krill Oil

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Origin Essentials | Krill Oil

Krill oil contains essential fatty acids like DHA, EPA, & astaxanthin. Unfortunately, EPA & DHA are deficient in most Western diets which is why supplementing with Krill oil is so important.

The essential Omega-3 fatty acids from Krill Oil include:

  • Astaxanthin - a powerful antioxidant that helps contain & fight inflammation. This omega-3 also improves movement by reducing joint pain.

  • DHA & EPA - heart healthy essential fatty acids that have shown to effectively lower levels of blood fats, improving circulation & cardiovascular health.

  • DHA & EPA substantially improves brain health by improving cognitive performance, reducing brain fog, & increasing mental sharpness.

Why Krill Oil vs. Fish Oil?

  • They both provide your body with DHA & EPA, however, the quality of Krill Oil is much higher & is harvested from cleaner sources of fresh water.

  • The Omega-3’s in Krill oil are bound to phospholipids, making them easier to absorb compared to the Omega-3s in fish oil that are bound to triglycerides.

  • The harvesting of Krill oil is limited and presents no harm to their population.


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